Think Tanks

Our version of TAPas is a quarterly think tank forum for TAP clients and friends focused on sharing bite-sized wisdom. While there are several CEO and senior executive forums available to Australian leaders, ours are a little different.

  • Much like its namesake TAPas provides a rich experience that stimulates the senses, and nourishes the leadership soul – as well as the stomach.
  • TAPas events feature world class speakers and cutting edge thinking served up in the warm and inspirational environment of our Sydney offices
  • TAPas events are intimate. Each event has no more than 40 people at one time who are invited to join from our clients and friends who happen to occupy senior executive roles
  • TAPas events are complimentary. We ask our members to invest their time, energy, insights and nothing else

Sample of Past TAPas Events


Five Fast Growth Lessons From a Maverick Entrepreneur

Rapid growth opportunities are ever present in today’s business environment. As a leader, how do you maximize the potential for this growth and ride the wave of success presented to you?

In this very exciting TAPas event, we took a look through the lens of one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and influential figures in the property industry. John McGrath shared his fast growth journey with our TAPas community, and sparked a free flowing discussion on the lessons he has learned and how we can apply them to accelerate growth in our organizations. As a leader, John was authentic, open and humble in nature, which generated interesting new insights on a subject that impacts all businesses.


Leading With Courage and Authenticity in an Uncertain World

In an increasingly tumultuous world, where continuous change and disruption is the new normal, how do we lead with courage and authenticity?

In this compelling TAPas event, leadership guru Margaret "Meg" Wheatley brought a global perspective to the challenges facing leaders today. She spoke about the skills, qualities and sensibilities that we need to develop, and how these are different from those we relied upon in the past.

She spoke about tapping into our key sources of motivation and meaning, and tying our leadership efforts to a deep sense of contribution and legacy. Finally, Meg challenged us to call on our leadership wisdom and courage to allay the fears and anxieties of those we lead, and to navigate a better path.


Women in Leadership

What are the unique challenges faced by women in business leadership positions, and how can women successfully navigate these challenges?

In this very special TAPas event, we lifted the curtain on this very important issue through the eyes of three very accomplished and authentic leaders. Christine Christian, Sylvia Burbery and Vicki Doyle shared their leadership journeys, before dialoguing with our TAPas community in a free flowing and intimate conversation. Given the authenticity of these leaders and the openness of our guests, this conversation generated exciting new insights on a critical issue impacting all businesses.


Finding Growth Opportunities in Between The Cracks

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where are the opportunities to grow your business? What type of leadership and culture is required to capitalise on those opportunities? And how do you become that leader? These are critical questions for leaders, and were the focus of this TAPas think tank led by two of Australia’s truly global thought leaders; Peter Sheahan and Dr. Peter Fuda.