Our People

“She knows as much about our business and the drivers for success as I do.”

Leanne Myers Partner

Leanne joined TAP in 2003 and since then has created case studies and CEO referenceability with numerous organisations including Dun & Bradstreet, Beiersdorf, MediaCom, Laserlite, Leo Burnett, Maxxium, Westpac, MasterCard, Asteron, Getronics, Fosters, Foxtel, ANZ and Pacific Brands.

Leanne’s extensive consulting experience spans leadership and organisational transformation, strategy development and deployment, as well as the alignment of internal business practices and processes to organisational goals. Leanne is also a skilled executive coach, meaningfully combining 1-1 relationships with organisational interventions to create results at a personal, as well as an organisational level.

Prior to arriving in Australia, Leanne consulted at Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank, one of South Africa’s largest Merchant Banks. Before this, Leanne completed three years at Arthur Andersen consulting internally as an Organisational Psychologist. Throughout her career, Leanne has focused on optimising individual and organisational potential and enabling achievement beyond expectations.

Leanne has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and communications; a first class honours degree in Organisational Psychology (with distinction). Leanne is a registered psychologist in Australia and South Africa.

Leanne’s deep interest in human and organisational behaviour leads her to extensive exploration of current literature and theory. The knowledge and insight gained through this research has resulted in the development of multiple new techniques and approaches to transformation, as well as significant intellectual property development.

Leanne has numerous accreditations, she is a master practitioner of Human Synergistics tools, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management.


"Leanne is incredibly effective at working with a diverse executive team to drive for results based on effective leadership and teamwork.  She was able to work closely and build trust with all the senior executives to develop their constructive leadership styles."

Richard Freudenstein
CEO, Foxtel

“Leanne is highly respected by our Executive Team and seen as a valuable resource by all first and second layer leaders. She demonstrates considerable strength of conviction during debate and keeps the team focused on achieving positive outcomes.”

Clynton Bartholomeusz
Managing Director, Beiersdorf Australia & New Zealand

“Leanne knows as much about our business and the drivers for success as I do.”

Anthony Heraghty
Group General Manager, Pacific Brands

“Leanne is an excellent consultant due to her willingness to truly understand D&B’s challenges and opportunities, and delivers superior quality outcomes every time. She is highly credible, respected, and willing to have the hard conversations.”

Christine Christian
CEO, Dun & Bradstreet Australia

“Leanne’s consulting is outstanding, providing invaluable insights into our leadership effectiveness.”

Tim Castree
CEO, Leo Burnett

“Leanne is exceptional in challenging our Executive Team to deliver and genuinely cares about making a difference at Maxxium.”

Ian Abercrombie
Managing Director, Maxxium Australia & New Zealand

“Leanne is an intelligent and articulate professional who works with her clients in a way that makes them not just believe in but be committed to being great leaders. She has made a significant and powerful impact on me and our management team.”

Anne Parsons
CEO, MediaCom

“Leanne demonstrated all you would hope for in a consultant - mastery of the content and process; the ability to form constructive relationships at all leadership levels, excellent advice and guidance to all parties, wisdom and humour along the way and most importantly, a sustainable and measurable success.”

Janine Botha
People & Culture Director, Getronics Asia-Pacific