Vision & Value Proposition

Our Vision is to Create CEO Referenceable Outcomes for every client

Our vision ensures that we are serious about who we work with since our success is only possible through the success of our clients.

TAP Value Proposition

Our Client Value Proposition is based on interviews with more than 20 current and former CEO clients from organizations like MasterCard, Philips, Promina, Thiess and CSC. The quotes used here represent a montage of verbatim comments from these interviews conducted.

THOUGHT & PRACTICE LEADERSHIP:  “You have the credibility to advise and facilitate senior leaders. You have a unique mix of academic substance and real world experience. Everything is useable. The result is dynamic content that lives and breathes.”

DIRECT ADVICE: “Your approach is open, honest, no bullshit. You are a trusted advisor and CEO confidant. You make it simple. You unscramble & reconstruct our reality so that we can take action. You are relentless & driving.”

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE:  “It’s an intimate relationship with one or two consultants. It’s easy for the CEO – You expand my reach and make my life easy. You are top of our discretionary spend by a long way – we’d rather cut travel.”

INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS:  “Your solution is systematic but highly customized. It’s all integrated in a way that’s accessible to everyone in our organization – from executives to the front line. It’s a potent mix of your expertise and our experience.”