Purpose & Standards

Our purpose and standards embody the highest authority in our organization and we use them to guide all critical business decisions; from client selection to the recruitment and compensation of TAP team members. In other words, we practice what we preach.

Our Noble Purpose is to Enable Transformation

TAP Standards

PASSION:  We are unrelenting in our energy, enthusiasm and optimism. We aim to make the good great, the impossible possible, and to infect others with our energy and attitude.

SERVICE:  We always deliver on expectation and then go a bit further. We see service as a noble principle and like to do the little things that make our clients feel special.

IMPACT:  We aim to positively impact every person, every time, have presence and create outcomes. We set higher standards for ourselves than anyone else.

EXCELLENCE:  We are leaders not followers; authors not journalists. We pursue excellence in all endeavours and aim to role model the principles of a learning organization.

PARTNERSHIP:  We take a personal interest in people. We enjoy being part of something special and connecting people with shared values to common goals.